Do you get to see what happens inside your medical billing service?

CareMB Connect allows you to track every single file that you send for processing. You can monitor all your files, check their status, and see what is being done to get you paid.

You can streamline your day by managing and completing all the clarification taskswith one easy-to-use application.

Starting with complete data encrypted transparency between the provider and designated account manager, CareMB Connect allows you to track each and every claim in the revenue cycle management pipeline at any given point of time. At the very core of our mission we are very critical about communication and transparency





Workflow driven technology to optimize clean claim ratio

Transparency in Charge, Payment and AR Activity.

Optimizing Clean claim submission

Alerts on clarification tasks with Push messages and mail

Provide AR reports that allow multi-level drill down

Data mining through various reports to identify the root cause of problem and solving with suitable remedy

Stay connected with the billing team 24/7

100% HIPAA Compliance – End to End data encryption